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Our Communities

Living in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Cedar Falls

Home to the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls (originally named Sturgis Falls) is famous for our incredible Main Street, home of one of the three state colleges, and our incredible bike trail system. With the feel of a small town, Cedar Falls has grown...

Living in Dike/New Hartford, Iowa

Dike/New Hartford

Located in Grundy County, Dike and New Hartford residents alike enjoy small-town Iowa with the convenience of access to the Waterloo/Cedar Falls metro area. Dike is home to over 30 small businesses and provides great recreation opportunities...

Living in Evansdale/Elk Run Heights, Iowa

Evansdale/Elk Run Heights

Located just off Highway 20 in Black Hawk County, the growing small town of Evansdale offers the convenience of location to major cities such as Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Both Evansdale and Elk Run Heights are part of the Waterloo Community School District. Evansdale is considered one of the...

Living in Hudson, Iowa


Hudson, in Black Hawk County, connects to the Cedar Valley bike trails as well as the Black Hawk Creek Waterway Trail for outdoor water activities such as kayaking and canoeing. Parks are located in several areas across the town also offering...

Living in Janesville, Iowa


As the oldest city in Bremer County, Janesville is full of rich history. In 2008, a new housing addition brought over 50 more homes to the community for new home buyers on the East side of town, providing beautiful new homes to Janesville citizens as well as...

Living in LaPorte City, Iowa

LaPorte City

LaPorte City, in Black Hawk County, is a neighboring small town to Waterloo, offering a small-town feel with convenient access to Waterloo shops and more. Citizens and home buyers take pride in their home by getting involved with the local community organizations and...

Living in Parkersburg, Iowa


In Butler County, Parkersburg prides itself on its welcoming culture to both residents and small businesses. Many startups and locally-owned shops and restaurants have moved to Parkersburg and continue to thrive in their entrepreneur-centered community. Small class sizes provide students with

Living in Waterloo, Iowa


Located on the banks of the Cedar River in Black Hawk County, Waterloo is famous for housing the John Deere Tractor Assembly Plant as well as the Cedar Valley Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Our Grout Museum District provides ample education opportunities for visitors, community members, home buyers, and students throughout...

Living in Waverly/Shell Rock, Iowa

Waverly/Shell Rock

Situated in Bremer County along the Cedar River, Waverly is home to Wartburg College, a liberal arts college of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America). Wartburg offers students a state-of-the-art college campus, represents over 30 Christian denominations and several world religions, and is known for its extensive sense of community and...

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