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Prepping Your Home for Spring Selling

Spring is rapidly approaching and if you're considering moving this year, now is the time to begin preparing. Even if you're not prepping for a move, there are several things you can do to 'wash' away winter and get your home ready for beautiful spring weather (which will hopefully soon be here to stay!).

Selling or not, the exterior of your home is, of course, its first impression, so let's make it a good one! Tad Ritter, REALTOR® with Twin Power Group, is always sure to help his clients improve their curb appeal with a few simple tips.

Tip 1: Wash Your Windows

"The exterior of your house is what's going to appeal to most people looking or driving by so the biggest thing right away is to wash your windows." While washing your windows (inside and out!) may seem a bit like a daunting task, there are so many ways to tackle this huge job.

You can, of course, hire professionals. As agents who have been in the Cedar Valley for decades, we've developed many relationships with local businesses and are always happy to provide our clients, friends, and neighbors with referrals.

We've worked multiple times with a local company (Fish Window Cleaning) and have had nothing but amazing experiences. Not only were they thorough in completing the work as well as timely, but their prices are competitive, making this a potentially cost-effective and time-saving option. Hiring a professional would also save you from having to climb up high to get those second-story windows clean!

Many cleaning products exist that attach to the end of your exterior hose for easy window cleaning as well should you be up to taking on the task yourself or wanting to save a few bucks.

Don't forget to clean the window sills and screens! So much debris and dirt collects in window sills, so be sure to thoroughly clean them before we get to open our windows full-time in the spring! Screens should be removed for easier cleaning AND, did you know, taking screens off during the winter months actually increases visibility as well as lets more light into your rooms? Something to keep in mind for next winter!

Tip #2: Clean Your Gutters

Even if you cleaned them during the fall months, gutters and downspouts easily fill with debris over the winter. So, clean them!

Clogged gutters can actually lead to other issues should they not be taken care of. Proper water drainage after rain is essential to keeping water out of your basement and improving water shed. Keep your gutters clean by inspecting them throughout the summer months as well!

"If you're not cleaning those out, you can also potentially have a hazard with water getting into your basement, so you want to be sure that's done."

Tip #3: Inspect Your Roof

Since you're already on your roof to clear your gutters, inspect your roof for any damaged or loose shingles. Snow and ice can contribute to shingle damage during harsh winter storms (and we may not even know it!).

It's best to take care of any maintenance as soon as possible. Without doing so, further damage to your roof can occur. Even water seepage into your attic can become an issue should broken or loose shingles allow leakage. Looking over your shingles in the spring will no doubt prevent attic mold issues as well as any potential damage to attic insulation.

Tip #4: Clean Up Your Yard

It's not always easy to get our yards 100% clean before the snow hits. And many environmentally conscious homeowners intentionally leave leaf and fall debris on their lawns to promote pollinator habitats during the winter months.

But, once the snow melts and spring hits, it's time to clean up and tidy things once again. "Pruning trees, bushes. Make sure everything's nice and uniform," which provides excellent curb appeal. Whether your looking to sell this year or not, exterior first impressions are important.

Getting your home's exterior ready for spring is not only important but satisfying as well! So, grab a few cleaning supplies and a ladder and get ready to show off your home as soon as this Iowa snow melts!


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