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7 Reasons to Work With a REALTOR®

Updated: May 17, 2023

There's no doubt about it, we are in a DIY era. Between Google and YouTube and Pinterest, the list goes on, we can essentially teach ourselves just about anything. You can teach yourself how to knit, build a greenhouse, and even remodel your kitchen. The same goes for selling homes.

Plentiful resources exist online for assisting home sellers in listing and working through the transaction process once an offer is accepted. With that said, however, no amount of digital resources will ever replace human interaction.

So, what exactly do you get when working with a REALTOR® when buying or selling a home? Let's dive in and look at seven ways an agent helps you behind the scenes and in-person through the process of selling, shopping, buying and so much more.

Ethical Treatment

An agent's main focus should without a doubt be ethical treatment to all of their clients. It is of utmost importance that we treat each of our clients with professionalism. Part of that is building trust. Establishing a solid foundation sets all of us up for success.

Not only is this idea important to us, but REALTORS® are required to take Ethics courses in order to renew their licenses. The code is strict and violations of such code are taken very seriously.

"Every REALTOR® must adhere to a strict Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public."

Expert Guide

When working with an expert, mistakes are significantly less likely than when working alone. And, when working on a purchase or sale of something of this magnitude, those mistakes have the potential to be quite costly and can take a great deal of time and stress to work through.

So, where does your agent come in? We take this weight off your shoulders. It's our job to make this process as streamline as possible for our sellers and buyers. We know the inner workings of the legal side of transactions, requirements for the multitude of forms necessary for a property sale and so much more. Our job is to make your job easy!

Objective Information

Objectivity is key when obtaining information about your home sale or purchase. REALTORS® have access to facts. We use data to determine home prices, market values, neighborhood statistics, etc. It's important to note that your agent should provide you with unbiased information.

Expanded Search and Marketing Power

Not all inventory is available through a simple Google or Zillow search. Their data may be out of date and some houses simply aren't listed on those (and other) sites. And, by the way, almost no REALTORS® use the above sites in searching for homes for their buyer clients, eliminating a huge audience and significantly lowering your home's visibility on the open market.

When working with an agent, your home is listed not only in the MLS for other agents to see but are then posted with accurate information to those same sites and even more. Access to the MLS is something only REALTORS® can provide.

Negotiation Knowledge

As a home buyer or seller, you have needs and expectations. Are you looking for a home inspection? Want to keep the appliances in the home? REALTORS® can make it happen and work with you during the offer process to negotiate on your behalf and help guide you in putting together a strong offer and both sides of the transaction getting the best deal possible.

Up-To-Date Experience

The average homeowner moves every 5-7 years, meaning, on average, you will experience only a handful of property purchases and sales over your lifetime. Real estate agents work through this process every day. No joke! We live and breath transactions as our careers. We work with dozens plus buyers and sellers each calendar year and understand the intricate workings of each transaction.

"Most people buy only a few houses within their lifetime... and it's great to have a REALTOR® in your pocket because laws change, regulations change, there might be a zone change- you never know."

Emotional 'Rock' Throughout Process

Buying a home is an emotional process and, most likely, the largest purchase you will make in your lifetime. The bottom line is that no matter what we do for you behind the scenes, we will support you.

It can be a roller coaster of negotiating offers, working through inspections, finalizing the purchase. We are the third party whose sole focus is to get you what you need from your purchase and, more importantly, your new home!

Check out Lynette's video for even more tips and to get a better feel for just how important personal interaction is during this (sometimes!) stressful and overwhelming process. After all, we're here to help make the process EASY!



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